211 United Way Essential Services Webinar Recap


NIFA Webinar Wednesdays – January 20, 2021 

211 Helpline from The United Way of the Midlands 

Speakers: Josh Quinn, United Way and Heather Tomczak, United Way 

In this week’s webinar, the focus is on the 211 Helpline. 211 is a unique community contact and support center offered by The United Way of the Midlands. 211 has been of critical need during the COVID crisis, with the housing and utility assistance programs being used frequently, but many other assistance services are available. Our guest speakers Josh Quinn and Heather Tomczak inform the audience about the services and capabilities that 211 offers, and how people in need can benefit from the connected programs.  

You can find out more about 211 by calling 211 or 402-444-6666.  Email inquiries can be sent to ne211@uwmidlands.org.

Check out the Nebraska 211 app on your smart phone, or visit https://www.unitedwaymidlands.org/2-1-1/