COVID-19 Impact Webinar Recap


COVID Stats: Rent Payments, Vacancy Rates, Evictions, Delinquency, and Forbearance 


Tim Gottgetreu, Western Economic Services 

Scott Mertz, Legal Aid of Nebraska 

Kelly Lammers, Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance 

This Webinar Wednesday covered critical statistics related to COVID’s long-lasting effects on the housing market. In this session, the speakers discussed vacancy rates, delinquent rents, eviction numbers, and the status of mortgage loans in the state. 

Tim Gottgetreu began the session with his COVID Impact Update, which included a survey of rental properties across the state, and detailed how many households are behind on rent payments, how many are facing eviction, and how these rates vary across different regions in the state. 

Next, Scott Mertz gave background behind the eviction moratorium and broke down eviction stats and trends from across the state for 2020. Scott spoke about how the moratorium impacted eviction rates, why evictions happened even with a moratorium in place, who still qualifies, and what happens next. 

Finally, Kelly Lammers finished out the session with his data on mortgage loans, delinquencies, and forbearance across the state. Kelly discussed the economic impact of COVID on the mortgage loan industry, and mortgage delinquency and forbearance best practices moving forward. 

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