Developing an Affordable Housing Action Plan Webinar Recap


NIFA Webinar Wednesdays – Developing an Affordable Housing Action Plan 

Speakers: Derek Miller, Long Term Planner, City of Omaha 

Wynn Hjermstad, Community Development Manager, City of Lincoln 

This week’s webinar topic was a discussion with two experts from the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas on how to develop and affordable housing action plan., including the basics of the plans and details on recent topics that might be relevant to your housing action plan. 

Derek Miller, representing the city of Omaha, spoke of the city’s ongoing efforts to develop their current annual housing report.  Derek addressed several pressing topics, including LB866 and the need for more multifamily housing, then helped define some new housing related terms you might want to know. 

Wynn Hjermstad, from the City of Lincoln, continued the discussion on LB 866 and the missing middle housing shortage, COVID slowdowns, as well as the need for more affordable rental housing across her city.  She detailed the story of how the city of Lincoln developed their housing action plan using an outside consultant that built upon many older plans.