Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know Webinar Recap


Speaker: Christiana Bratiotis, University of British Columbia 

Dr. Christiana Bratiotis is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at The University of British Columbia. She is the co-author of the book Hoarding: What Everyone Needs to Know in which she demystifies this complex problem and describes what it looks like, why it may develop, and how it can be treated. Bratiotis explained in today’s webinar how to understand hoarding as a mental illness. She described the disorder in layman's terms and explained the various facets and manifestations of the behavior.  

Hoarding disorder is the excessive saving of objects and difficulty parting with them to a point that interferes with one's ability to properly use rooms and furnishings in the home. Hoarding can become dangerous, sometimes resulting in structural problems and fires, or in hazardous sanitary conditions. Studies indicate that around one in every 25 people suffers from hoarding. This means that almost all of us know someone who hoards.  

This session was of great value to anyone who suspects that a loved one may be hoarding and an essential resource for field use to first responders, public health officials, and housing and social service personnel. 

This webinar recording will be available for 60 days. Please email outreach@nifa.org to request the link. Dr. Bratiotis’ resource documents will be posted on the NIFA webinar page at: www.nifa.org/com-dev/training-webinars. Our speaker is also providing a discount code for those of you who like to purchase her book.