Public Records Request

To access public records under the Nebraska Public Records Act, complete the Form for Request for Public Records and email it to or return it to NIFA via U.S. Postal Service mail or hand delivery.

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Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §84-712 et seq. an individual may request public records from the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA). Pursuant to Nebraska law, any public records request that requires search time of more than 4 hours will be charged back to the person or entity making the request. Questions can be directed to NIFA’s custodian of public records at (402) 434-3900, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (except on holidays).

Public Records Request History

Request DateRequester NameNIFA ProgramRequest 
2/18/2020Mariya V. ProkhorenkoLIHTCrequest
2/21/2020Matt DoughertyLIHTCrequest
2/26/2020Joel M. CarneyLIHTCrequest
3/02/2020Christopher LenzLIHTCrequest
3/16/2020Timothy F. BednarLIHTCrequest
4/28/2020David A. LopezLIHTCrequest
6/08/2020Mike SmithLIHTCrequest
6/22/2020Carly DavisLIHTCrequest
6/29/2020Lynece DaikerLIHTCrequest
7/06/2020Jared NookLIHTCrequest
7/09/2020Jeff TaylorLIHTCrequest
7/10/2020Bryan ShumwayLIHTCrequest
7/14/2020Nicholas BerginLIHTCrequest
9/11/2020Nicholas F. MillerLIHTCrequest
9/28/2020George AcholaLIHTCrequest
12/2/2020George AcholaLIHTCrequest
1/29/2021Riley ShantzLIHTCrequest
2/8/2021Evan SoltasLIHTCrequest
3/8/2021Patrick FloodLIHTCrequest
3/22/2021Carly DavisLIHTCrequest
4/1/2021Matthew HektoenLIHTCrequest
4/15/2021Carly DavisLIHTCrequest
4/19/2021Turner LesnickLIHTCrequest
4/21/2021Matthew HektoenLIHTCrequest
5/21/2021Murphy HollowayLIHTCrequest
5/24/2021Turner LesnickLIHTCrequest
5/26/2021Rachel GlockLIHTCrequest
6/10/2021Patrick TurnerLIHTCrequest
6/24/2021Carly DavisLIHTCrequest
6/25/2021Nicholas MillerLIHTCrequest
7/23/2021Mitchell GuibordHomeownershiprequest
8/2/2021Rob WoodlingLIHTCrequest
10/12/2021Teresa KileLIHTCrequest
10/13/2021Teresa KileLIHTCrequest
10/20/2021 Teresa KileLIHTCrequest
10/25/2021 Carly DavisLIHTCrequest
10/25/2021 Jewel RodgersLIHTCrequest
11/3/2021Teresa KileLIHTCrequest
1/11/2022Delaney NelsonLIHTCrequest
1/11/2022Delaney NelsonLIHTCrequest
3/1/2022Delaney NelsonLIHTCrequest
3/11/2022Carly DavisLIHTCrequest
4/11/2022Teresa KileLIHTCrequest
4/15/2022Teresa KileLIHTCrequest
4/26/2022Jake StarnesLIHTCrequest
5/2/2022Evan ClarkLIHTCrequest
5/17/2022Turner LesnickLIHTCrequest
5/19/2022Griffin HitzelLIHTCrequest
6/17/2022Stephen YoudeemLIHTCrequest
6/22/2022Jake StarnesLIHTCrequest