NIFA provides community outreach and technical assistance to housing providers, community organizations, community officials, housing advocates, developers, builders and lenders to initiate, facilitate and expedite the development of affordable housing. NIFA's technical assistance and outreach provide information of the financial resources available in the State; the various programs NIFA has to offer; and the processes by which housing development occurs.

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Workforce Housing Initiative (WHI) Program

At the request of a number of our Nebraska communities and in conjunction with the efforts of our many housing partners, the NIFA Board of Directors approved a “Workforce Housing Initiative” pilot program (“WHI”) at its August 21, 2015 Board meeting. The initiative is one of several created under the umbrella of NIFA’s Nebraska Opportunity Fund (“NOF”).

Through a Request for Proposals (RFP), NIFA accepted the first round of proposals, on December 4, 2015, for non-urban, workforce housing project developments. Two communities have developments underway as a result of the first round. Those communities are Broken Bow and Schuyler.

NIFA has announced a second round of proposals with a deadline of January 16, 2017. From the proposals submitted, NIFA intends to select projects to move to the next phase of the pilot program. Alternate projects may also be identified by NIFA from those RFP’s submitted.

NIFA will use this pilot program process to refine the parameters of the Workforce Housing Initiative and to develop standardized procedures and documents.