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NIFA has made certain information pertaining to its operations and financial condition available.

The information in this section speaks only as of its respective date, and NIFA assumes no obligation to update or continue to post the information.

Information included in this section of the website is intended to provide investors with continuing disclosure regarding their investment in NIFA obligations, although investors should not rely on this information as a sufficient basis for making any decision to purchase or sell NIFA obligations.

Bond Program 

NIFA bonds are the financing vehicles for NIFA's Single Family Housing Bond Program.   

More specific information about NIFA's Single Family Housing bonds can be found below: 

Single Family Housing Bond Official Statements
For bonds currently outstanding:

2013 EF2014 AB2015 AB
2015 CD2016 AB2016 CD
2017 ABC2018 AB2018 CD
2019 ABC2019 DE2020 A
2020 BC2021 AB2021 C
2022 ABC2022 DE2022 FG
Financial Information

NIFA is a self – funding instrumentality of the State of Nebraska. NIFA’s revenues are generated from interest income on its loan and investment portfolios, fees for programs such as Low-Income Housing Tax Credit allocation and compliance, and NIFA’s multifamily, agricultural and development financing programs.

Audited Financial Statements

Contact us for previous statements.

Budget/Revenue & Spending Information 

NIFA’s budget cycle runs from July 1 through June 30. The NIFA Board of Directors approves budgets on an annual basis for both operations and the Nebraska Opportunity Fund. 


Revenue and Spending:


Current NIFA contracts are publicly available via a searchable database. Consistent with Nebraska Revised Statutes 84-602.04(4)(c ) and 84-602.04(4)(b) certain exempt contracts are not included in the database and some portions of the contracts have been redacted. Redactions may include: 

  • Social security numbers and/or federal tax identification numbers of any individual or business;
  • Protected health information;
  • Information which may be withheld from the public pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statute § 84-712; or
  • Information which is considered confidential pursuant to state or federal law, rule, or regulation.
  • Consistent with Nebraska Revised Statute § 84-602.04 (4) (c), certain exempt contracts are not included in this Database.