Native American Community Impact Grant Program

The Native American Community Impact Grant supports Nebraska tribal organizations and organizations that serve tribal members by increasing their long-term capacity to meet community needs including affordable housing. Eligible applicants include Tribally Designated Housing Entities or any nonprofit housing, community development, or economic development entity in Nebraska whose mission directly impacts tribal members.

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  • Applications will be accepted at least once per year, subject to funding availability. NIFA anticipates awarding one new grant per application cycle.
  • The maximum grant award is $30,000 per year.
  • Applicant will be required to provide an equal amount of matching funds.
  • Partner funding will be renewable annually for an additional 2 years (for a total of 3 years), subject to funding availability and progress toward the stated goals and objectives.  

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Application Deadline: Monday, June 19, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.


Contact the Community Engagement Department at 
Phone number: 402.434.3900

NIFA reserves the right to modify or withdraw the Native American Community Impact grant program and may exercise such right at any time and without notice and without liability to any applicant or other parties for their expenses incurred in the preparation of a proposal or otherwise. NIFA also reserves the right to reject any applications that do not correspond with NIFA's current housing priorities as identified by the NIFA Board.