NIFA Specialist Training

NIFA participating loan officers and all Nebraska realtors have the opportunity to become NIFA Specialists. 

What you will learn about when taking a NIFA Specialist course: 

  • The homebuyer eligibility process
  • In-depth details about all NIFA loan programs
  • Homebuyer education classes available for your customers
  • How to communicate with potential buyers about NIFA loan programs
  • Mortgage insurance options
  • The NIFA loan process, compliance, and timelines

The benefits of becoming a NIFA Specialist include: 

  • Recognition as a Specialist on our Lender & Realtor database
  • NIFA Specialists are promoted on as an educated partner
  • Social media spotlights
  • Exclusive marketing and training materials
eLearning courses

Take an eLearning course to become a NIFA-approved Loan Officer or Realtor. The course fee is $25 for first-time learners. Certificates of Completion for the course are valid for 24 months. Loan Officers and Realtors can re-certify for a $10 fee to maintain their Specialist status every two years after the original certificate expires. 

Begin Loan Officer eLearning course

Begin Realtor eLearning course


Thank you to all of our current NIFA Specialists. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about NIFA programs and value our partnership!

View list of current Loan Officer Specialists 

View list of current Realtor Specialists