NIFA Staff

Executive Director                                                                          

Shannon Harner
(402) 434-3900

Operations (

Christie Weston, Deputy Director(402) 434-3912
Robin Ambroz-Hollman, Deputy Director of Programs & Marketing(402) 434-2947
Sheila Gans, Program Support Specialist(402) 434-3920
Ashley Dunn, Receptionist(402) 434-3900

Finance (

Steve Clements, Chief Operating Officer(402) 434-3908
Judy Krasomil, Treasurer(402) 434-3909
Jody Cook, Controller(402) 434-3913
Angela Kamau-Watson, Staff Accountant(402) 441-4645

Multifamily & Tax Credit (

Sara Tichota, Allocation Manager(402) 434-3916
Pamela Otto, Allocation Assistant Manager(402) 434-3922
Kirk Benner, Allocation Specialist(402) 434-3927
Kelly Schultze, Compliance Manager(402) 434-3907
Tammy Burd*, Assistant Compliance Manager(402) 434-3919
Andray Fairley, Compliance Specialist(402) 434-2946
Eric Matty, Compliance Specialist(402) 434-6939
Lucas Bauman, Compliance Specialist(402) 441-4641

Home Ownership (

Jacki Young, Chief Homeownership Officer(402) 434-3915
Stacy Fotinos, Operations Manager(402) 434-3917
Susan Lauver, Team Leader(402) 434-3914
Shelley Abraham, Compliance Specialist(402) 434-2949
Cari Lineweber, Compliance Specialist(402) 434-3926

Community Engagement (

Elizabeth Fimbres*, Communications & Outreach Manager(402) 898-2501
John Turner, Manager of Community Development & Research(402) 434-6934
Joe Spitsen, Assistant Manager for Regional Housing Accelerator Development & Training(402) 434-3911
Susan Pulec, Outreach and Community Development Administrator(402) 434-0970

Marketing (

Amanda Wusk*, Marketing Manager  (402) 434-2948
Alesiya Tadysheva, Marketing Coordinator  (402) 441-4643

Agriculture (

Dudley Beyer, Programs Manager(402) 434-6931

* NIFA Omaha Office Personnel

Employment Opportunities

NIFA offers a variety of employment opportunities for people with experience in accounting, financial management, program management, IT, housing and real estate development and administration.  NIFA's mission is to provide Nebraskans a broad range of financial resources for homeownership, rental housing, agriculture, manufacturing, medical, and community development endeavors.

NIFA offers generous health insurance options, paid time off, and a robust retirement plan.

Currently, NIFA has the following positions open:

Chief Risk Management Officer: APPLY HERE

Job Type: Full-time

The Chief Risk Management Officer is responsible for the direction and operation of key risk management activities at NIFA. Creating and implementing the risk management framework within NIFA and maintaining its compliance internally is the most important function of this role. Strong leadership and risk management skills are essential to ensure a productive implementation and maintenance of this framework.

Preferred Talents and Abilities

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Proficient leadership skills
  • Effective change agent
  • Excellent communication, both written and verbal
  • Exceptional attention to detail and compliance
  • Ability to be a proactive listener and collaborative team member


  • Bachelor’s Degree required. Preferably in finance, accounting, business administration, or relevant studies.
  • Graduate level education, such as MBA or JD a plus.
  • Minimum of eight years of experience in risk management or related role.
  • Minimum of three years of management experience.
  • Experience with mortgage lending, investments, compliance, real property law, real property development and/or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit or other affordable housing development a plus.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Products.

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled 

Public Policy Data Analyst: APPLY HERE

Job Type: Full Time

The Public Policy Data Analyst is responsible to structure and create visualization of data for NIFA and its partners that promotes effective policies and strategies, enables evaluation of program effectiveness, including assessment of baseline conditions, predicts outcomes, and facilitates sharing of relevant data points and conclusions with the public and decision-makers.

Preferred Talents

  • Strong work ethic and proactive attitude
  • Keen eye for details and data
  • Possesses discipline and integrity
  • Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Ability to efficiently utilize Microsoft products, particularly Excel
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and written
  • Working knowledge of PowerBI, Tableau or other such software
  • Proficient with database structure
  • Working knowledge of APIs
  • Proficient with ArcGIS or other mapping software


  • Bachelor’s Degree in data science, public policy, community planning or similar fields.
  • Preferred a minimum of least three (3) years of relevant experience in data visualization, information architecture or related field.

Nebraska Investment Finance Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled