NIFA Staff

Executive Director                                                                          

Shannon Harner
(402) 434-3900

Operations (

Timothy Kenny, Advisor to the Board(402) 434-3903
Christie Weston, Deputy Director(402) 434-3912
Robin Ambroz-Hollman, Deputy Director of Programs(402) 434-2947
Sheila Gans, Program Support Specialist(402) 434-3920
Ashley Dunn, Receptionist(402) 434-3900

Finance (

Steve Clements, Chief Operating Officer(402) 434-3908
Judy Krasomil, Treasurer(402) 434-3909
Jody Cook, Controller(402) 434-3913
Angela Kamau-Watson, Staff Accountant(402) 441-4645

Multifamily & Tax Credit (

Sara Tichota, Allocation Manager(402) 434-3916
Kirk Benner, Allocation Specialist(402) 434-3927
Kelly Schultze, Compliance Manager(402) 434-3907
Tammy Burd*, Assistant Compliance Manager(402) 434-3919
Andray Fairley, Compliance Specialist(402) 434-2946
Eric Matty, Compliance Specialist(402) 434-6939

Home Ownership Department (

Jacki Young, Chief Homeownership Officer(402) 434-3915
Stacy Fotinos, Operations Manager(402) 434-3917
Susan Lauver, Team Leader(402) 434-3914
Shelley Abraham, Compliance Specialist(402) 434-2949

Outreach/Community Development (

Elizabeth Fimbres*, Communications & Outreach Manager(402) 898-2501
John Turner, Manager of Community Development & Research(402) 434-6934
Amanda Wusk*, Marketing & Relationship Manager(402) 434-2948
Joe Spitsen, Assistant Manager for Regional Housing Accelerator Development & Training(402) 434-3911
Susan Pulec, Outreach and Community Development Administrator(402) 434-0970
Royce Sheibal*, Research and Data Analyst(402) 898-2504

Agriculture (

Dudley Beyer, Programs Manager(402) 434-6931

* NIFA Omaha Office Personnel

Employment Opportunities

NIFA offers a variety of employment opportunities for people with experience in accounting, financial management, program management, IT, housing and real estate development and administration.  Currently, NIFA has the following position open:

LIHTC Allocation Assistant Manager

To apply for this position, email a cover letter, resume, salary requirements and references to