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First Home - Homebuyer Programs

Current rates

Loan Rate
Loan Rate
Military Home N/A 5.375%*
First Home Targeted 6.000%* 5.375%*
First Home 6.250%* 5.625%*
Homebuyer Assistance (HBA) 6.500%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan
5.875%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan
Welcome Home++ 7.000%* 6.375%*
Welcome Home Assistance (WHA)++ 7.250%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan
6.625%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan

Last changed 06/13/2024 at 9:00 a.m
*This is not an advertisement for credit as defined in Reg.Z; contact a participating NIFA lender for Annual Percentage Rate (APR) information. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. 

++An origination fee up to 0.50% of the loan amount may be charged by Lender.

First Home Lending Solutions

Home is where your story begins and NIFA is here to help!  If you’re purchasing your first home or qualify under the other eligibility criteria below, we have a home loan program for you. By using a NIFA loan, you are re-investing in Nebraska communities and helping us to enhance the good life across the state.

First Home Programs:

First Home Program Eligibility

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First Home homebuyer

Individuals who haven’t owned and occupied a primary residence within the past three years, are considered a first-time homebuyer. Even if a home was owned years ago, but has been occupied by renters for three or more years, to us that's still considered a first-time homebuyer.

Potential buyers do not need to be a first-time homebuyer if:

  • They are a qualified veteran who has been discharged from the service under conditions other than dishonorable OR
  • They're purchasing a home located in a target area. Use our Geocoding/Mapping System to help identify whether or not a specific home is in a target area.

Note: There are some situations when NIFA may grant an exception to the first-time homebuyer requirement. If one of these situations apply, a Participating Lender will submit documentation to our office for review during the loan application process:

  1. If home is lost by divorce and individual received no sale proceeds
  2. If home is lost by a natural disaster
  3. If home is lost by a forced job relocation

NIFA is committed to helping homebuyers get into their new home with a great, low interest loan, and minimal hassle.

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Household income limits

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Maximum purchase price limits

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Credit underwriting guidelines

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First-Time homebuyer education

You can call NIFA's toll-free number at 800-204-6432 to speak with one of our Homeownership Team Specialists (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT) or contact us by email.

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