Interest Rates - Homeownership Program

One of the benefits of a NIFA Homeownership program loan is our competitively priced interest rate options. The Homeownership programs offers financing for mortgage loans at fixed interest rates with a 30-year term and a 0% origination fee and 0% discount fee. Our Homebuyer Assistance loan program has a fixed interest rate with a 10-year term.

Loan Rate
Loan Rate
Military HomeN/A5.750%*
First Home Targeted6.125%*5.750%*
First Home6.375%*6.000%*
Homebuyer Assistance (HBA)6.625%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan
6.250%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan
Welcome Home7.250%*6.500%*
Welcome Home Assistance (WHA)7.500%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan
6.750%* - 1st loan
1.000%* - 2nd loan

Last changed 09/23/22 at 9:00 a.m
*This is not an advertisement for credit as defined in Reg.Z; contact a participating NIFA lender for Annual Percentage Rate (APR) information. Rates are subject to change without prior notice.