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The NIFA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program assists farmers and ranchers to obtain agricultural loans at interest rates generally lower than those available in the conventional farm credit markets. This is accomplished by the issuance of a bond by NIFA, the interest on which is exempt from federal and Nebraska state income tax. The lender then sets the rate of interest on the farm loan to reflect the tax-exempt rate on the bond.

To be eligible, the farmer or rancher must meet certain program specified requirements, including limitations relating to net worth and previous land ownership. Loans may be for the purchase of agricultural land, permanent improvements to agricultural land, equipment or machinery, and breeding livestock.

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"Beginning" Farmer/Rancher Program

Are you a farmer or rancher in need of financing, or a lender with a customer interested in obtaining a loan for agricultural purposes? Do the following conditions apply?

Governor's Ag Awards

The Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, which offers agricultural financing opportunities through its Beginning Farmer/Rancher Program, established an annual awards program in July of 1996. Known as the Governor's Agricultural Excellence Awards, this program recognizes and financially rewards 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters in Nebraska for outstanding performance.