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I love helping customers build financial wealth through the power of homeownership. 

Reyna Moreno - Loan Officer

Homebuyer Education

NIFA requires homebuyer education for all NIFA loans. These classes provide the highest benefit when taken early in the home buying process (before searching for a home).

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NIFA Specialist
NIFA Certified
 Stephanie Karo Photo
Stephanie Karo
The Tri-County Bank
Stuart , NE
NIFA Specialist
NIFA Certified
 Nancy Osterbuhr Photo
Nancy Osterbuhr
First National Bank of Omaha
Kearney , NE
NIFA Specialist
NIFA Certified
 Laura Bauer Photo
Laura Bauer
First National Bank of Omaha
Kearney , NE
NIFA Specialist
NIFA Certified
 Jordan Moehlenhoff Photo
Jordan Moehlenhoff
West Gate Bank
Lincoln , NE
NIFA Specialist
NIFA Certified
 Tamra Blake Photo
Tamra Blake
Tri County Bank
Bassett , NE
NIFA Specialist
NIFA Certified
Hables Espanol
 Juanita Incontro Photo
Juanita Incontro
US Bank
Omaha , NE

We offer competitive interest rates, low or no down payment loans, low mortgage insurance premiums for conventional loans, and loans for down payment and closing cost assistance.  Our unique home loan programs have features that can lower your monthly payments, increase your buying power and remove barriers to homeownership.