CRANE Celebration: Cirrus House Apartments

CRANE Celebration: Cirrus House Apartments

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Jan 05, 2022

CRANE Celebration: Cirrus House Apartments

The Collaborative Resource Allocation for Nebraska (CRANE) program is a strategic allocation process between NIFA and other collaborating resource providers to accomplish difficult projects. CRANE promotes collaborative partnerships between housing experts and developers that lead to creative financing options, effective partnerships and eventual ground-breakings of innovative projects. Today we are showcasing the very first CRANE project - Cirrus House Apartments!

Cirrus House Apartments
Cirrus House Apartments are located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The development was the first to be completed under the CRANE program in 2001. The development consists of 29 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) 1-bedroom units for persons with special needs.

Project Financing
Cirrus House was developed by Cirrus House, Inc. Cirrus House received a reservation of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits through the CRANE program with additional funding from Tax-Increment Financing, Deferred Developer Fee, Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program Funds, Developer Equity, HOME Funds and a conventional loan. 
Management & Supportive Services
Cirrus House, Inc. manages Cirrus House Apartments. The mission of Cirrus House, Inc. is to advance mental wellness through opportunities including employment, housing, advocacy and offer services to those individuals recovering from mental illness and substance use disorders. Cirrus House also helps people with an identified risk of life challenges (e.g., homeless persons, veterans, at-risk youth, etc.) explore their strengths and goals.
The apartments offer many supportive services such as: warm meals, laundry assistance, cleaning, social gatherings, transportation, employment and educational opportunities, and health care services.
Some of the amenities of this development include:
o    Community room
o    Community laundry room
o    Dishwashers 
o    Refrigerator and microwave in all units

Explore more information about Cirrus House, Inc. at